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Refund Policy

Welcome to Genome Classes, Odisha’s premier institute for NEET, AIIMS, OUAT, NISER, and other medical entrance exams preparation. We are committed to providing the best coaching and support to help you achieve your academic and career goals. As part of our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, we have established this refund policy to outline the terms and conditions regarding refunds for our courses and services.

Eligibility for Refunds
Refunds are provided under specific circumstances and are subject to certain conditions. To be eligible for a refund, the following criteria must be met:
Cancellation of Enrollment: Refunds are applicable if you cancel your enrollment in a course within the stipulated refund period. The refund period and conditions vary depending on the type of course and the duration of enrollment.
Unsatisfactory Performance: If you are dissatisfied with our coaching services and have valid reasons supported by evidence, you may be eligible for a refund. This includes cases where you do not see significant improvement in your performance despite active participation in our courses.
Technical Issues: In the event of technical issues or unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from accessing our online platform or attending classes, you may request a refund. This applies only if the issue is on our end and cannot be resolved within a reasonable time frame.
Course Cancellation: If Genome Classes cancels a course or discontinues a service for any reason, you will be entitled to a full refund of the fees paid for that specific course or service.
Refund Process
To initiate a refund request, you must follow the procedure outlined below:
Submit a Refund Request: Send an email to our customer support team at [insert email address] stating the reason for your refund request and providing any supporting documentation or evidence, if applicable.
Review and Verification: Our team will review your refund request and verify if it meets the eligibility criteria. This may involve contacting you for additional information or clarification.
Decision and Notification: Once your refund request is reviewed, we will notify you of the decision via email. If your request is approved, we will proceed with the refund process. If it is denied, we will provide reasons for the decision.
Refund Processing: Refunds will be processed using the same method of payment used for the original transaction. Depending on your bank or payment processor, it may take several business days for the refunded amount to reflect in your account.
Terms and Conditions
Refund Period: The refund period for each course or service is specified at the time of enrollment. Requests made after the expiration of the refund period will not be entertained.
Partial Refunds: In some cases, partial refunds may be provided based on the duration of enrollment and the services availed. The amount of the refund will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Non-Transferable: Refunds are non-transferable and cannot be assigned to another individual or used for any other purpose.
Discretionary Authority: Genome Classes reserves the right to exercise discretion in granting or denying refunds, especially in cases where the circumstances are exceptional or unforeseen.
Policy Changes: We reserve the right to modify or update this refund policy at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon posting on our website.
Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please feel free to contact us at 9777886107. Our customer support team will be happy to assist you and address any issues you may have.
Thank you for choosing Genome Classes for your medical entrance exam preparation. We appreciate your trust and support, and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality coaching and service.